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Terms of products

Quality of products
1. The products of Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd. manufacture and market is identification and quarantine strictly. By the various technical indexes, parameters, standards and performance of the normal use of products to complete the whole process of designs, manufactures, sells, distributes and services.

2. We sell all products for one-year warranty. All the products, if quality problems, non-human reason, after understanding the actual situation, we will provide the fast guarantee repair and other related services.
As for the following situation is not within the scope of the warranty:
 1)The appearance aging and in the course of damage.
 2) Man-made and disassemble or repair damage.
 3)The damage, not operate the product strictly following the manual and using product in abnormal environment.

3. If you have any question or suggestion, complaint or praise, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or Email, the whole staff will always provide earnest and high efficient service for its customers.

4. As management strategy has had some changes or the upgrading of the product, Subject to change of the technical specification of products, performance and appearance of design and related services without prior notice.
The final explanation right of this service belongs to Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd.

1. Customize your Packaging:
The packs come with Delivery (a variety of products packaging, please refer to the listed details of product center) If you have yourselves standard and demand to customize your packaging, we will offer a comprehensive and convenient service.

2. Cautions in customizing your packaging:
 1) We offer only the confirmation and print of the packing sample, which do not contain page layout .
 2) As packing and customizing charges have not been included in the price of the products, it shall be payable by the customer.
 3) It can be printed in accordance with the production equipment and quality standards provided by customers. As provided informationand data are erroneous by customers so that the whole packaging products is defeasance. All the loss also borne by customers.
The final explanation right of this service belongs to Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd.

Independent product development and design
We can offer the services about the program development and design, design with model-making , materials and color placement and Produce manufacture according to customer requirements.
Cautions in the independent product development and design:
1) Product design and development is according to customer's technical requirement and for the products performance demand. Products meet international and GB standards.
2) Customers will need to pay all charges of Independent specifically target solution development in advance. In future, If the order comes to a certain quantity, we will return the money to consumers.
The final explanation right of this service belongs to Gasage Technology Co.,Ltd.

ECO thinking

Eco thinking at the heart of Gasage
Eco thinking influences our whole product cycle – from the materials we source, recycle and reuse in manufacture, to the development of smaller packaging that takes less space for more energy efficient transportation. At Gasage we are always looking for ways to make our business more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment.

Green processes & design
It isn’t only the technology inside our products that matters. Equally important is ensuring we use sustainable design and packaging, greener transportation, recycling and disposal initiatives, and suppliers who use recycled materials where possible.

RoHs certification & No lead processes
All raw material has been strictly selected, no mercury & lead or other hazardous material, fully RoHS-compliance.

Helping to protect the earth
At Gasage, we’re supporting a number of initiatives to help protect the planet. We have also set clear targets to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and the lifecycle of our products.